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“The Canadian tenor, lutenist and guitarist Kerry Bursey starred with his lute in one of the most beautiful and intimate moments performing a ballad in which [composer] Venables demonstrates great musical sensitivity.”

-Sonograma (Spain)
Festival d’Aix-en-Provence,


“Le baladin joueur de luth

Kerry Bursey a une voix claire, 

faite de douceur troubadouresque rêvée, 

plus que musicologiquement formée à l’interprétation

de la musique ancienne.”

“Among the talented corps

is the Canadian lutenist

Kerry Bursey,

whose troubadour interludes

are among the work’s

most poetic […].”

“Each person on stage

brings something unique:

lutenist Kerry Bursey

sings like a

medieval singer-songwriter. […] They are musical mega-talent.”

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